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Creating a Sustainable Future

A Holistic Respect for our Earth

It is not just about the composition of the materials we select, it is also about the processes required to transform those materials, where they come from, where they will end up and what will happen to them when they get there.
Material Composition

Our components include the use of non-toxic and recycled raw materials which require less energy to process. We create up-cycled products and use only FSC wood when required.

Environmental Impact

Since 2005, we incorporated Green Design principles into our product development. This includes the use of non-toxic and recycled materials and using less gas, energy and waste in production.

Process energy

Two decades ago we evolved from a typical 24 stage manufacturing process to a 7 stage one – using far less energy to produce. Our injection moulding machines run at 60 seconds per component.


A 25% reduction in product weight has reduced shipping costs and energy usage. We distribute overland to main city centres.

Repair and re-use

Our components are more durable and high performance due to the precision tooling used to produce them. Standard modular parts allow for repairs over replacements. Obsolete products are stripped.

End-of-life cycle

New products are designed to be up to 95% recyclable. For many years we have manufactured under a system that conforms to ISO 14001 Environmental Management certified standards.

Our product design strives to Design for Environment (DfE) — using components that are recyclable after the product’s life cycle—as well as longer-lasting and more functional. We have learned that to create sustainable furniture you don’t need to compromise on material or aesthetics.

Since 2004 we have been working hard to create and support the economic, environmental and social conditions for a better and more sustainable world. We do this by reducing our environmental load and maintaining our environmental goals through benchmarked performance targets, audits and reports. We make every effort to continually improve our technology/processes in line with health/environmental shifts; and increase our expectations of supply chain partners.

Our long-sighted implementation of sustainable design, manufacturing and supply — aim to protect our natural world, economic growth and the skills and livelihoods of our people.