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Hospitality venues are lauded not only for their outstanding design principles, but also their commitment to service and capturing that sense of place.

Trends in Hospitality

African tourism has proven to be resilient in the face of economic and political uncertainty, impacts of droughts and other regulatory changes. According to PwC: the opportunities are aplenty for this industry to enjoy further growth, albeit at a more modest pace.

Hospitality today has to sell a lifestyle. Today’s guests have a highly sophisticated aesthetic sense and expect quality at each touch point of their experience. Services and amenities continue to be important, and a beautiful space is essential, but travellers are increasingly choosing and returning to hotels based on ambiance. In other words, how your space feels is as important as what your hotel offers.

Anticipating Guests’ Needs

Hotel rooms should feature a quiet, understated design and modular pieces. It’s the type of design we think of as compassionate hospitality, anticipating what modern travellers want and need. Restaurant design trends keep driving a fresh, light, bright design, focused around plant life and natural materials, mixed with unexpected, ‘personal,’ or vintage elements. This is perfect for creating an Instagram moment.

When selecting commercial hospitality furniture, the chief considerations should be hardwearing, low maintenance, hygiene, comfort and superior quality. Choosing our products demonstrates a commitment to the personal well-being of each guest, from the guest room to conference and meeting rooms. Design classics from our range can elevate public areas and invite guests to deepen their emotional connection with your hotel.

Seating’s newly developed ranges of bent steel furniture such as the modular Alexis and Odelay soft seating, the Stilt and Axis tables, or the Hi-fi barstools are a nod to modernism’s definitive lines, while still providing old school charm and comfort. Their vast product offering also includes the minimalist, practical beauty of the imported Aloe, Vesper and Lotus ranges with localised bases. These are all characterised by generous dimensions, robustness and Italian comfort in a dazzling array of colours and base options.

Creating a User Experience

What increasingly distinguishes a true hospitality experience is not just the comfort and beauty of the property. It is rather the personal care, proactive attention, and unique experiences that each and every person on the property extends to the guest. A warm, heartfelt welcome in this busy, technology driven world is a rare and precious thing.

Seating stands for the local content design and manufacture of at least 80% of our product ranges. We also assist in fabric choice, space-planning, 3D models, project management and installations.

Image credits: Seating, PH Design, Cerantola, Park Lodge Hotel